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innovative solutions
that enhance the human experience with powerful designs

Meet the Team

Lynnelle Bryant
President + CEO
3 Charles_rt.jpg
Charles T Bryant

Our office has a varied staff of professional, technical and support personnel all with extensive design experience.

Our nimble office employs seven design professionals and additional as-needed contract professionals, that allow us

the ability to increase the depth of our staff with very qualified talent whenever needed.


Masbuild operates on three principals
• Provide innovative design and delivery services tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.
• Give our clients the ability to share their unique story through design.
• Positively impact the communities that we serve.

Our extensive work with mission driven projects has helped to shape our world view. 

It is standard procedure for us to work with our clients to ensure that their vision is realized.

Masbuild understands the importance of supporting the cities we work in and always do what we can to keep resources and dollars circulating in the communities we serve. We look forward to doing the same for you.

Tel: 626-792-2555  |  Email:


the style

Masbuild, Inc. develops each project with emotional intelligence that inspires


the details

Masbuild, Inc. delivers a broad spectrum of technology, design trends and tailored services


the promise

Masbuild, Inc. provides innovation as a partner + problem solver for all projects big and small


Architecture + Design

Reflecting the spirit of your community and organization

MasBuild Inc. uses their expertise of people and space to make each project visually appealing, functionally  comfortable and a valuable asset.  


I consider Lynnelle and Charles to be very integral in the work they do. They are thorough, efficient, are customer oriented, and they pay attention to detail. As it relates to timeframes, they are very conscientious in meeting deadlines and communicating and as it relates to architectural and design work, they have my business for life.

 Sheila Wheetyl 

Vice President
Hands of Healing

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Tel: 626-792-2555  |  Email:
Pasadena, California

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